How to enable Windows Photo Viewer with Registry

A tutorial on how to activate windows photo viewer on Windows 11 and other versions of windows.

How to enable Windows Photo Viewer on Windows 11

Step 1

  • Download and open activate Windows Photo Viewer. Open Activate... .reg file and click yes and yes. Values have been added message will appear, meaning you sucsessfully added Windows Photo Viewer to the registry.

Step 2

  • Now Right click on any Image or Picture and click Open with > Choose another app > select Windows Photo Viewer.

  • If you want to revert changes download deactivate .reg file.

  • Go to default apps, search for the file type you want to revert example .png or .jpg then select default app (Photos) click Set default.

(removing windows photo viewer)

Alternatively (removing photo viewer) you can create a New Text Document copy and paste this code:


Then click File> save as>

name it how you like it and add .reg at the end (example):

windows photo viewer OFF.reg > select all files(*.*), click Save

Open saved file and click yes and yes. Windows Photo Viewer will be removed from registry (Windows Default).

Alternativaely you can find and view registry code here

Create a New Text Document, copy and paste the code from there 🠕

File> save as > name it windows photo viewer ON.reg > select All files(*.*). Click save. Open saved file. Click yes and yes.

with only 2 Steps!

Select Always or Just once (optional).

Congratulations you now enabled Windows Photo Viewer!

🠗 Below are instructions how to disable and remove 🠗

If you encounter any crashes with Microsoft Photos app go to settings > Apps > Installed apps > search for photos > click ... select advanced options. Scroll down to Reset section and select Repair or Reset.